Point Cafè Longo TOP-2GR


Technica Data
Messures (LxHxD)
730 x 570 x 510 mm
KG. 57,00
230/400 V 3+N 50-60Hz
4500 watt
Black, red, white and Silver

Product Description

- Boiler with transversal exchanger Dia.50 mm 12 L
- Water mains connection with 3/8 G connection nipple
- 6 key push-button panel (1 espresso, 2 espresso, 1 long espresso, 2 long espresso, programming, tea)
- Display showing boiler temperature, date, time, heating element working)
- Luminous indicators that indicate: Machine ON – minimum boiler level – heating element working )
- Unit E61 with 4 unit temperature adjustments (aluminium knob) and 3-way solenoid valves with ruby seal
- Positive-displacement pump with externally adjustable by-pass
- Dual scale pressure gauge (pump and boiler pressure)
- Stainless steel steam nozzle
- Hot water nozzle with programmable timed dosing and external mixer with temperature adjustment
- Steam nozzle with programmable temperature probe and outside air flow regulator
- Boiler temperature probe for hysteresis or PID temperature adjustment (the temperature is shown on the display))
- Electronic management of: Coffee doses (volumetric), tea dose (timed), pre-brewing time adjustment, minimum and maximum hot water level, daily turning on and off, dispensing count, filter replacement alarm)
- Valve for emptying boiler
- Automatic refilling
- AISI 430 load-bearing frame
- AISI 304 BA body
- Safety thermostat with external reset
- Stainless steel tilt grille for espresso coffee


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